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Substrate integrated waveguide filter : Basic design rules and fundamental structure features
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Design Guideline and Fundamental Properties of SIW As mentioned earlier, an SIW is a synthesized nonplanar waveguide transformed into planar form, which can then be integrated into any planar dielectric substrate with any planar fabrication or processing The 140 GHz silicon micromachined bandpass rect-angular waveguide filters are firstly fabricated by the deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) processes for submillimeter wave applications. The filter circuit structure is once-formed using the ICP reactive ion etcher to A WR-1.5 band (500 750 GHz) waveguide 3rd order bandpass filter has been designed, fabricated, using SU8 photoresist technology, tested and presented. The filter is composed of three silver-coated SU8 layers, each of the same nominal thickness of 191. This filter

A compact substrate integrated waveguide band-pass filter
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A substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) filter with compact size compared to traditional SIW filters are presented in this work. A band-pass filter for general purpose is designed at 5.8 GHz with relative bandwidths of 5%. The fabricated filter is on F4B-2 substrate and about 0

Studies of some non conventional split ring and complementary split ring resonators for waveguide band stop band pass filter application
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In this paper we have investigated different non-conventional Split Ring Resonator (SRRs) and Complementary Split Ring Resonator (CSRRs) based metamaterial structure for band pass and band stop filter applications. These resonators are located in the cross section of

Field-based waveguide filter synthesis in the time domain
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Computer modeling of components and systems has revolutionized engineering design. Yet, most computer-aided design (CAD) approaches follow the strategy employed in traditional practice: an initial model, created with empirical or approximate rules, is tested

Ridged waveguide filter optimization using the neural networks and a modified simplex method
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The rectangular ridged waveguide filter optimization is discussed. To improve the performances of the optimized filters, we exploit the height of the gaps between the ridges and the waveguide wall. We propose a hybrid technique, constituted by the artificial neural

Substrate-integrated waveguide filter design using mode-matching techniques
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Mode-matching techniques are employed for the analysis and design of substrate-integrated waveguide (SIW) filters. Recently developed fabrication techniques based on rectangular- shaped via holes facilitate a straight-forwardly implementable and powerful CAD code. Only

Design of a dual-band dual-mode substrate integrated waveguide filter with symmetric transmission zeros
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In this paper, a dual-band dual-mode substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) filter with symmetric transmission zeros is presented. The filter is comprised of three-cavity dualmode resonators with inductive inter-resonator couplings. Each cavity has a pair of orthogonal

High-Power Low-Pass Harmonic Waveguide Filter With TEno-Mode Suppression
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In this letter, a new method for the design of high-power low-pass harmonic filters in rectangular waveguide technology is proposed. Based on a 2-D arrangement of bandstop elements of sinusoidal profile, a filter with a wide spurious-free frequency response (up to This paper presents a new type of narrow band filter with good electrical performance and manufacturing flexibility, based on the newly introduced groove gap waveguide technology. The designed third and fifth-order filters work at Ku band with 1% fractional bandwidth This letter presents a design of a fifth-order linear phase filter with frequency-dependent couplings. The filter is composed of a triplet that is directly coupled to two resonators at the input and output. To provide group delay flattening a cross-coupling in the trisection has a A compact 3-D stacked type waveguide structure is proposed for supporting the modern communication systems in the L-band frequency (700 900 MHz). The proposed structure can achieve very small size in comparison with a standard metal cavity filter designed at 900

Wideband dual posts waveguide band pass filter
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In This paper the sensitivity analysis and design of the wideband dual post waveguide band pass filter has been described. The design method is based on insertion loss technique and the calculated results are used to design the certain filter . The simulation results have been

Wideband waveguide band-pass filter based on broad side complementary split ring resonator
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Complementary Split Ring Resonator (BS-CSRR) loaded waveguide wide band band-pass filter . Three identical BS-CSRRs were inserted in the transverse plane of a standard waveguide at a distance of 9.023 mm. The proposed waveguide filter has been simulated

A novel integrated corrugated waveguide bandpass filter
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Abstract- This paper presents the approach for the design of a X-band bandpass filter using substrate integrated corrugated waveguide (SICW). The SICW filter which is proposed in this paper, is totally realized in a single-layer dielectric substrate with two sequences of

60 GHz multi-chip-module receiver with substrate integrated waveguide antenna and filter
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A compact 60GHz MCM receiver has been demonstrated by integrating millimetre-wave substrate-integrated waveguides and GaAs MMICs for the first time. The module includes a waveguide antenna and filter , MMIC LNA and mixer, and lumped elements for IF filtering In this letter, we propose a lossy three-pole Chebyshev filter centered at 5.15 GHz, based on the substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) with scattering characteristics shifted down by 5.68 dB. The filter is composed of three directly coupled SIW cavities with three lossy

Band-rejection filter with widely tunable center wavelength and contrast using metal long-period grating on polymer waveguide
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We demonstrate a widely tunable band-rejection filter using a metal long-period grating deposited directly on the cladding of a polymer waveguide . The contrast of the rejection band can be tuned by 28 dB with 45-mW electric power applied to the metal grating and the Chebyshev filter response is developed in a multilayer low-temperature co-fired ceramic technology by vertically stacked rectangular cavity resonators with highly symmetric coupling structures. The cavities provide even-and odd-symmetric field distributions by

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