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Broadband substrate integrated waveguide edge-guided mode isolator
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Discussion: The edge-mode isolator operates in the frequency band of a purely guided mode. The dispersion curve of the proposed isolator has been derived by an analytical solution of the ferrite-loaded rectangular waveguide model. The lower frequency band

A broadband waveguide thermal isolator
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This paper describes a new, compact, waveguide thermal isolator . The isolator is based on a recently developed microwave bandgap joint, a periodic structure which suppresses microwave fields propagating between two parallel conducting surfaces. When such a

Analysis of Temperature Dependence of Ce: YIG for Athermal Waveguide Optical Isolator
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The temperature dependence of optical properties of magneto-optic garnet Ce: YIG was analyzed for the athermal operation of the Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI) optical isolator composed of an SOI-based waveguide with a Ce: YIG upper cladding layer. By A waveguide optical isolator with a nonreciprocal phase shift is promising for obtaining high optical isolation owing to its single-polarization operation. A typical configuration enables operation for only the TM mode input light. A silicon waveguide polarization rotator with

A Magneto-Optic Waveguide Isolator Using Multimode Interference Effect
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We have investigated an optical waveguide isolator with a multimode interference section by wafer direct bonding, operating at a wavelength 1.55 . In order to fabricate the device for monolithic integration, the wafer direct bonding between a magnetic garnet material as a

Physics of magneto-optic waveguide isolator
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The paper discusses physical aspects of the waveguide isolator based on the transverse magneto-optical (MO) effect. The isolator operating on TM mode provides a unidirectional transfer of electromagnetic energy from the laser source to the optical fiber. The device

InP-based Monolithically Integratable Optical Waveguide Isolator
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The experimental realization of an InP-based integratable optical isolator is presented. By using a transversely magnetized ferromagnetic metal film as the electrical contact of an active optical waveguide structure, non-reciprocal loss of the TM-polarized guided

Amplifying Waveguide Optical Isolator
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To eliminate one of the main noise sources in an optical telecom link, it is necessary to protect the lasers from optical feedback by including an optical isolator in the laser diode package. With todays commercial bulk isolators the packaging of a laser diode module

Optical Waveguide Isolator Based on Nonreciprocal Loss/Gain of Amplier
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The effect of nonreciprocal loss/gain of a waveguide optical amplier covered by an absorbing magnetooptic layer was studied for the rst time. It is shown that the optical losslgain of this amplier differs for the forward and backward propagation when the

Non-Magneto-Optic Waveguide Isolator
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We report on a novel technique to realize a waveguide optical isolator without using conventional magneto-optical materials and external magnets. The simulations are repeatedly performed using Beam Propagation Method (BPM) to confirm the accuracy. The

Modeling of a novel InP-based monolithically integrated magneto-optical waveguide isolator
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A method based on Yehs rigorous 4 X 4 matrix algebra and a fast perturbation-theory-based method are posed for modeling and optimization of an integrated magneto-optical (MO) waveguide isolator . The trans. verse MO Kerr effect in ferromagnetic CoFen is used to

Magneto-optical waveguide isolator with 104 dB/cm non-reciprocal propagation
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Optical isolators protect active devices (ie lasers) from optical feedback. All research in the past focused on transmission of the light through ferromagnetic garnets with low optical loss at telecom wavelengths and strong magneto-optical (MO) Faraday effects. The

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