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First results for a 2.5 THz Schottky diode waveguide mixer
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A Schottky diode mixer has been realised at 2.5 THz in a waveguide configuration. Measured RF performance is comparable to that obtained using the conventional corner reflector mount and the waveguide mixer has the added benefits of excellent beam

Quantum limited responsivity of a Nb/Al203/Nb SIS waveguide mixer at 460 GHz and first results at 750 and 840 GHz
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The noise and gain behaviour of a Nb/Al203/1Vb SIS waveguide mixer , with a on chip integrated tuning element, is analyzed at 460 GHz. The receiver sensitivity of the whole system, including the beamsplitter, window and lenses is 116 K DSB. The mixer noise

Design of a sideband-separating balanced SIS mixer based on waveguide hybrids
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We describe a design for a sideband-separating balanced mixer using four planar single- ended mixer chips connected to the feed horn and LO source by a network of quadrature waveguide hybrids and an in-phase waveguide power divider. The mixer has separate IF

600 GHz waveguide mixer fabricated by combined conventional and silicon micromachining
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Schottky diode waveguide mixer manufactured by a combination of conventional micromachining and silicon etching technology. We discuss the field simulation based design and the manufacturing process in detail. Measurement results of scaled models and

600 GHz heterodyne mixer in waveguide technology using a GaAs Schottky diode
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In this paper we will present first measurement results for a fixed tuned 600 GHz heterodyne mixer in split-block waveguide technology. The presented mixer design is based on a single planar GaAs Schottky diode which is flip-chip mounted on a quartz substrate. The split-block

Design and analysis of a waveguide NbN-based SIS mixer using a tuning circuit with two half-wavelength distributed junctions for the 900-GHz band
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We designed a waveguide SIS mixer based on NbN for the 900-GHz band. The waveguide mixer block with an MgO substrate was designed using Hewlett Packards High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) and uses a waveguide -to-microstip transition. Simulation by

Preliminary Tests of Waveguide Type Sideband-Separating SIS Mixer for Astronomical Observation
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We have developed an integrated sideband-separating SIS mixer at 100 GHz based on waveguide split block with 4.0 8.0 GHz IF. The measured receiver noise temperatures with 4.0 8.0 GHz IF are less than 60 K in the LO frequency range of 90 110 GHz, and minimum

Development of a waveguide /membrane 1.5 THz mixer using NbN/AlN/NbN SIS junctions and al embedding circuits
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We report here on the development of a waveguide /membrane NbN based SIS mixer for use around 1.5 THZ. A process has been developed to fabricate the l-um2 NbN/AlN/NbN tunnel junctions on Si wafers and on thin membranes, with Al electrodes. SIMOX 0.6 plm

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Recently, interest has arisen in the development of fixed-tuned SIS mixers with a full waveguide -band bandwidth. There are many reasons for developing a broadband structure with a performance comparable to that of mechanically tuned ones, the main ones being the

RF and IF couplers for a sideband separating SIS waveguide mixer for a 345 GHz focal plane array
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We present recent developments of a sideband separating SIS mixer at 345GHz. Special emphasis is placed on the critical design of the RF-and the IF-hybrids. Two similar waveguide RF couplers designed for a bandwidth from 330-370 GHz are fabricated on two

Balanced waveguide HEB mixer for APEX 1.3 THz receiver
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We present results on the design and construction of a waveguide balanced Hot Electron Bolometer (HEB) Terahertz mixer for Atacama Pathfinder EXperiment (APEX), band T2 covering 1250-1390 GHz frequency range. In the proposed design, a waveguide balanced

Large RF bandwidth waveguide to thinfilm microstrip transitions on suspended membrane for use in silicon micromachined mixer blocks at THz frequencies
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With the advent of broad bandwidth low noise Hot Electron Bolometer (HEB) mixers at Terahertz frequencies, there is a need for a large RE bandwidth (scalable) waveguide to thin- film transition. At present nearly all HEB receivers operatin g above 800 GHz are

Design of a balanced waveguide HEB mixer for APEX 1.32 THz receiver
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The prototype of a waveguide balanced Hot Electron Bolometer (HEB) Terahertz mixer is designed as a part of development for the APEX Project of Band T2 receiver for 1250-1390 GHz. The proposed mixer employs balanced scheme with two identical HEB devices. These

Single Balanced Mixer Using Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) 90 Coupler
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The present paper focuses on an innovative broadband millimeter-wave single balanced diode mixer which is designed through using a newly designed substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) 90 coupler. The low cost singlebalanced mixer has its own advantages of

ALMA Memo# 453 An Integrated Sideband-Separating SIS mixer Based on Waveguide Split Block for 100 GHz Band
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We have been developing an integrated sideband-separating SIS mixer at 100 GHz based on waveguide split block. The measured single-sideband (SSB) receiver noise temperatures with L-band IF (fc= 1.5 GHz) are less than 60 K in the LO frequency range of 90 115 GHz

Submillimeter waveguide SIS mixer with full NbN circuit
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Design of a wideband balanced waveguide HEB mixer employing a GaN buffer-layer for the 1-1.5 THz band
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We present the design and implementation of a wideband balanced waveguide NbN HEB mixer employing a GaN substrate to be operated in the frequency range of 1-1.5 THz. The balanced receiver scheme consisting of a 90 RF hybrid, a pair of NbN phonon-cooled HEB

X-Band Substrate Integrated Waveguide Cavity-backed Patch Antenna Self-Oscillating Mixer
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The work is focused on designing, measuring and testing an active substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) cavity-backed patch antenna self-oscillating mixer (SOM). The cavity- backed antenna structure permits to overcome potential problems such as heat dissipation

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We describe a classical waveguide mixer with a diagonal horn, a waveguide of rectangular cross-section and a contacting, adjustable backshort for use at 1 THZ. We use Niobium SIS (superconductor-insulator superconductor) junctions of 1 um2 area as mixing elements

Terahertz waveguide mixer development with micromachining and DRIE
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Simple waveguide mixers have been fabricated up to 1.9 THz in traditional technology. Advanced mixer concepts such as sideband separation or balancing demand more complicated and precise waveguide technology. Mixer development at KOSMA is based on

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