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2-bit-Band Reflective Waveguide Phase Shifter With BCB-Based Bias Circuits
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The design and performance of a 2-bit pin diode reflective-band phase shifter are described. This phase shifter uses the spiraphase principle of phase changing. Benzocyclobutene- based bias circuits are used to decrease the insertion loss level and to reduce the

Design of Ku-band substrate integrated waveguide phase shifter
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Recently, there has been a lot of interest in the substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) technology concept allowing the integration of waveguides in the substrate, replacing the rectangular metal waveguide sidewalls by two rows of metal rods. The electric field

GaAs on quartz coplanar waveguide phase shifter
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An optically controlled Schottky-contacted coplanar waveguide (CPW) phase shifter on a thin epitaxial GaAs film bonded to a quartz substrate has been fabricated using the epitaxial lift off (ELO) technique. This allows the original semiinsulating GaAs substrate to be replaced

Phase Shifter Operation of the Azimuthally Magnetized Coaxial Ferrite Waveguide .
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It is thought that the circular waveguides, comprising coaxially positioned cylindrical or toroidal inserts of azimuthally magnetized ferrite that support normal TE01 mode, are natural microwave structures for digital nonreciprocal phase shifters [1 35]. This is due to their ability

Waveguide -Based Phase Shifter Performance Study
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Motivations and design concept of a waveguide -based phase shifter for RF distribution system of the Proton Driver and first results of high power (up to 2 MW at 1300 MHz) test that proved the concept were described in and . Further increase of the RF power, as well

Fast L-Band waveguide phase shifter
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A conceptual design and electrical parameters of a fast phase shifter that employs ferroelectric ceramics are presented. The phase shifter is built into a standard airfilled WR650 waveguide . Calculations and measurements show the possibility of achieving a A novel phase shifter that can adjust the output phase by changing the wide side dimension of a rectangular waveguide was once proposed. No dielectric or mental pins are involved in this phase shifter . It is expected that this phase shifter can have a high power handling

Waveguide grating spectral phase – shifter for temporal femtosecond pulse splitting
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Abstract where ν is the optical frequency, ν0 is the optical frequency for synchronous waveguide excitation, 2 sin ibc π θ = is the phase slope coefficient, θi is the incidence angle on the corrugated slab and is the radiation coefficient . Calculating the inverse

Investigation of using tapered Coplanar Waveguide in RF MEMS phase shifter
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This paper presents the analysis and design of coplanar waveguide (CPW) in distributed MEMS phase shifters for communication systems. The phase shift can be obtained by changing MEMS Bridge capacitors located periodically over the transmission line

L-Band, Waveguide -Based, Fast, High Power Phase Shifter
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After test results of a CW prototype of an L-band, ferrite loaded waveguide -based phase shifter were analyzed, a set of factors limiting the shifter performance were identified in and ways to improve the performance were proposed. Each limiting factor resulted in

Waveguide Phase Shifter for Application in Meteorology Radar Antennas
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We present a new configuration of a phase shifter based on a Rectangular Waveguide (RWG) operating at 9.35 GHz. The proposed phase shifter consists of a standard RWG section with an inserted dielectric slab. The phase shifting in this configuration is achieved

Performance limits of the tunable waveguide phase shifter
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The paper presents study of the tunable phase shifter performance limits. The study derives dependence of specific phase shift and insertion loss on combination of material properties and device dimensions. Condition of maximum possible phase shift and minimum possible This paper presents a phase shfter for dielectric waveguide Phase shifting is achieved by varying the distance behveen the waveguide and a block of hlectric. By calculating the propagation constants of a coupled dielectric slab waveguide an approximate expression for

Compact size, equal-length and unequal-width substrate integrated waveguide phase shifter
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(SIW) phase shifter is proposed. It consist of phase channels made by SIW with equal length and unequal width. Design equations and process are given with mathematical analysis. The propagation constant of the output signals have been adjusted by changing only the

Design of a phase shifter in InP Membranes On Silicon based on a slot- waveguide with liquid-crystal
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In the development of the InP Membranes On Silicon (IMOS) platform, phase shifters are essential elements for switches or tunable filters. The simulation of slot-waveguides with an organic liquid crystal (5CB) shows that high performance devices with a theoretical Two models for a diode phase shifter in waveguide are presented. The first is a circuit model of the diode that can be used to predict response for design of different phase shift values. The second is an RLC model that can be realized as a strip and a strip with a gap for

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This paper discussed the design and performances of a liquid crystal phase shifter that can be used in tuning devices. Tuning devices growth with the demand in the emerging in telecommunication system. Tuning devices with smooth continuous phase shifting at low

Digitally Controlled Phase Shifter using an SOI Slot Waveguide with Liquid Crystal Infiltration
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We demonstrate a phase shifter using a silicon slot waveguide infiltrated with liquid crystal. For a 1 mm long device we achieve 73π phase shift with a 5 V voltage, with a voltagelength product of 0.0224 V mm around 1 V. We drive the phase shifter with a digital 1 V, duobinary

A Numerical Sensitivity Analysis of a Waveguide Ferrite Phase Shifter
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Phase shifters are devices, in which the phase of an electromagnetic wave of a given frequency can be shifted when propagating through a transmission line. In many fields of electronics, it is often necessary to change the phase of signals. RF and microwave phase

A Novel Insertion Type Phase Shifter Using Conductor-Backed Coplanar Waveguide
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We present the first insertion type phase shifter based on a conductor-backed coplanar waveguide transmission line structure. We designed a scale model varactor-tuned phase shifter on a microwave print circuit board and performed empirical calculations and several

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