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A multimode interference polymer-silica hybrid waveguide 2 2 thermo-optic switch
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A polymer-silica hybrid 2 2 thermo-optic switch is demonstrated. The top cladding and core layer are composed of polymers, while the bottom cladding is made of silica. Since polymer and silica have opposite signs of thermo-optic coefficients, the change of the refractive index A substrate-integrated- waveguide (SIW) single-pole double-throw (SPDT) switch is presented for X-band applications. Inductive posts with rectangular slots are embedded in the SIW to control the traveling EM wave. By adding PIN diodes on the top slots of the

Rearrangeable nonblocking 8 x 8 matrix optical switch based on silica waveguide and extended Banyan network
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Based on the crossbar network and the Banyan net-work (BN), a new rearrangeable nonblocking structure of extended Banyan network (EBN) was proposed for implementing an 8 2 8 optical matrix switch . The interconnection characteristics of the rearrangeable

Photonic integrated circuit switch matrix and waveguide delay lines for optical packet synchronization
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Introduction Optical packet switching (OPS) is a potential solution to achieving high capacity routing while addressing the impending power and footprint limitations of ultra-high capacity electronic packet routing systems . Packet based networks scale well due to their asynchronous

Physical layer analysis of arrayed waveguide based optical switch
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Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) and Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) protocols are widely used to transport Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) frames because of their neutrality and transport oriented features. These multiplexing techniques allow high data

Design of an arrayed waveguide gratings based optical packet switch
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Optical packet switching is considered as the future of data transfer technology in combination with middle-aged electronics. The biggest challenge encountered in optical packet switching is the lack of optical buffers for storing the contending packets. Therefore

Optical gate switch using phase-change material and Si wire waveguide
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The optical gate switch using phase-change material (PCM) and Si wire waveguide was reported. We successfully demonstrated switching by laser pulse irradiation. The wavelength of laser pulses was 660 nm. We used a laser pulse with a width of 400 ns and a

Simulation and design of a submicron ultrafast plasmonic switch based on nonlinear doped silicon MIM waveguide
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We propose and analyze a submicron stub-assisted ultrafast all-optical plasmonic switch based on nonlinear MIM waveguide . It is constructed by two silicon stub filters sandwiched by silver cladding. The signal wavelength is assumed to be 1550 nm. The simulation results

Design and Fabrication of Directional Coupler Type Hollow Waveguide Optical Switch with Variable Air Core
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We present a device design and fabrication of a novel hollow- waveguide optical switch consisting of a directional coupler with variable air cores. The numerical simulation and experimental characterization of the proposed optical switch performance is discussed

Study of carrier injection for performance optimization of a reconfigurable waveguide digital optical switch on InGaAsP/InP
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This thesis presents experimental data on the optical performance of InGaAsP/InP active devices, including digital optical switches (DOSs) and bend-loss modulators, actuated by carrier injection as well as the electro-optical effect. It is demonstrated that carrier injection is

Micromachined Waveguide Integrated RF MEMS Switch Operating between 500-750 GHz
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This paper presents a 500-750 GHz waveguide based single-pole single-throw (SPST) switch achieving a 40% bandwidth. It is the first ever RF MEMS switch reported to be operating above 220 GHz. The switch is based on a MEMS-reconfigurable surface which

Low-loss X-band Switch Based on Rectangular Waveguide
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Low-loss SPST X-band waveguide switch based on pin diodes was designed fabricated and tested. Due to the usage of the special technology of fabrication it was possible to suppress insertion loss and to improve isolation. As a result, switch demonstrated insertion loss of

Integrated 2 2 Thermooptic Silicon Oxynitride Optical Waveguide Switch Based on the Multimode Interference Effect
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Austenitic nickel-based alloys are extensively employed in components of nuclear power plants. They are typically fabricated using a conventional arc welding process, such as gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) or shielded metal arc welding (SMAW). However, such Fast waveguide optical switch /modulators are important components for future wideband lightwave communication systems. High-speed switching may be especially useful for time division multiplexing. Several high-speed switches1, 2 and modulators3-5 using Ti-diffused

Low crosstalk polymer waveguide optical switch
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Polymer waveguide thermo-optic (TO) space switching elements show great promise for practical integrated photonic applications. These devices are expected to be employed in future optical telecommunication systems as routing elements in optical cross-connects

Waveguide -Type All Optical Switch Using Saturable Absorption of Graphene
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In photonic routing nodes, pico-second switching will be a key function. We propose an all optical switch consisting of two-stage Mach-Zehnder interferometers, whose arms contain graphene saturable absorber films. The switching characteristics are theoretically analyzed This paper presents a novel concept of a mil-limeter-wave waveguide switch based on a micro electro mechanical (MEMS)-reconfigurable surface with insertion loss and isolation very similar to high performance but bulky rotary waveguide switches, despite its thickness All-polymer thermo-optic (TO) waveguide switch arrays at 650-nm wavelength based on novel organic-inorganic grafting poly (methyl methacrylate)(PMMA) materials have been successfully designed and fabricated. The thermal stability and optical properties of the sol Here, for the first time, a monolithic wafer-level micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) waveguide switch for millimeter-wave application is presented. The switch is based on the monolithic integration of MEMS actuators (cantilever beams) inside the waveguide channel In this letter, a magnetically controlled surface-loaded ferrite single pole single through (SPST) switch is presented. The ferrite slab is loaded on the broad wall surface of a substrate integrated waveguide (SIW). When a dc magnetic bias is applied to the ferrite

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