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receiver design has been the ability to tune across a broad range of frequencies. The terms wideband tuning range or simply wideband design are commonly used in reference Wide-band filterless RF front-ends are yet unpractical because of the stringent linearity requirements imposed by out-of-band blockers. A base-band to radio-frequency feedback receiver (BB-RF-FBRX) architecture is proposed

An ultra- wideband receiver front-end
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My college years at Nanyang Technological University have exposed me to a variety of challenging, invigorating and enjoyable experiences. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful teachers, colleagues, staff, family, and friends whom I have been

Cryogenic integration of 2-14 GHz Eleven Feed in wideband receiver for VLBI 2010
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Abstract The next generation VLBI systems require the design of a wideband receiver covering the 214 GHz range, necessitating a wideband feed. Presented here are the 2009 development of a cryogenic 214 GHz Eleven feed for reflector radio telescope antennas,

A Single-Chip Ultra- Wideband Receiver Using Silicon Integrated Antennas for Inter-Chip Wireless Interconnection
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Wireless interconnections between ULSI chips can be applied to three dimensional stacked- chip packaging on a print-circuit board (PCB). Clock and data are transmitted between LSI chips without using bonding wires and solder bumps. Inductive coupling and

Design and Implementation of Low-Noise Amplifier for Ultra- Wideband Receiver in 180nm CMOS Technology
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Abstract This paper presents an ultra-wideband (UWB) low noise amplifier (LNA) using two stage cascading topology to obtain high gain. Inductive degeneration and peaking inductor techniques are used to obtain wideband matching and flatness of gain. The proposed UWB

Performance Analysis of a Time-Interleaved sampling Architecture for a Software Defined Ultra Wideband Receiver
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ABSTRACT A Software Defined Radio for Ultra Wideband (UWB) communication systems places several stringent requirements on the Analog to Digital Converter (ADC). The ADC must have a sufficiently fast sampling frequency and SNR to accurately reconstruct the

A 0.18 um CMOS Current Reused Low-Noise Amplifier with Gain Compensated for Ultra-Wideband Wireless Receiver
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This paper is focused on the design and implementation of the UWB specifications; the low noise amplifier for ultra- widebandreceiver is implemented in a 0.18um Standard RF CMOS Process. PA LNA Mixer Mixer PLL DAC ADC DSP

Direct Sequence Ultra Wideband Receiver with Iterative Channel Estimation and Detection
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Abstract Direct Sequence Ultra Wideband (DS UWB) technology is becoming high potential candidate for the new generation of wireless short range communications. This technique uses very short baseband pulses spreading over several GHz bandwidth and offers great

Real-Time Wideband Telemetry Receiver Architecture and Performance
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Baseline assumptions regarding the widebandreceiver input interface assume two main possibilities based upon the sampling and front-end signal-processing architecture of the Large Array Prototype a full-band sampled input from a down- converted, 500-MHz-wide

Design and implementation of a wideband receiver for wireless communications
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This dissertation demonstrates the design of a wideband RF receiver front-end. It begins with an introduction on the use of CMOS technology in RF design focusing on multi-standard RF receivers with a survey on the different implementations of wideband CMOS low noise

Design of a Front-end Antenna Module for Wideband Universal Communication Receiver
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Reconfigurable Wideband Ground Receiver Field Testing
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performance during these tests. The overall results will be incorporated into a technology transition package to document and support future infusion of wide band receiver technologies within the DSN. Acknowledgments We would like

Wideband Receiver Based on AlN Barriers
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Abstract In current receiver technology different device technologies are used for different frequency bands. The recent finding1 that a plasma source can be used to create tunnel barriers with high quality I, V curves and current densities up to JC of 100 kA/cm2 creates the

The Ultra- Wideband Receiver System for RT-13 Radio Telescope IAA RASQuasarNetwork
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The article describes results of receiving system development, operating in ultra-wide 3-16 GHz band (UWB). An overview of existing and developing UWB systems for VGOS network is provided. The principles of design, management, integrating with RT-13 radio telescope,

Wideband Receiver Upgrade for the Submillimeter Array
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AbstractThe Submillimeter Array (SMA), a radio interferometer of eight 6-meter telescopes on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, has embarked on a wideband system upgrade, replacing its original SIS receivers with wideband receivers, which double the instantaneous bandwidth. The new

Design of RF Front-End for Ultra Wideband Receiver in Wireless Communication
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AbstractOne UWB CMOS low noise amplifier has been designed in 0.13 um CMOS process. LNA is double ended type. Design procedure and simulation results are presented in this paper. With a 1.2 V supply, the LNA achieve power gain of 15 dB, Noise figure of 1.22

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