rf-components-wideband printed circuit antenna

wideband printed circuit antenna

A small wideband microstrip -fed monopole antenna
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The rectangular patch has a distance of to the ground plane printed on the back surface of the substrate Wide – band planar monopole antennas , Ultra- wideband square planar

Dual wideband printed monopole antenna for WLAN/WiMAX applications
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conductor-backed plane can change impedance bandwidth of rectangular monopole for creating the dual widebands DUAL WIDEBAND PRINTED MONOPOLE ANTENNA

Design aspects of printed monopole antennas for ultra- wide band applications
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Design Aspects of Printed Monopole Antennas for Ultra- Wide Band Applications such as printed square monopole antenna (PSMA), printed rectangular monopole antenna (PRMA), printed PTMA), printed circular monopole antenna (PCMA), and printed elliptical monopole

Numerical analysis of a small ultra wideband microstrip -fed tap monopole antenna
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Wide – band planar monopole antennas ,

A simple ultrawideband planar rectangular printed antenna with band dispensation
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Ultra- wideband planar elliptical

Investigation on UWB printed monopole antenna with rectangular slitted groundplane
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Wideband double-fed It is seen that wide – band multiresonant characteristics around 5, 10, and 16 GHz are

Optimization of impedance bandwidth for the printed rectangular monopole antenna
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CONCLUSION A wideband printed rectangular plate monopole has been pre- sented REFERENCES 1. MJ Ammann and ZN Chen, Wideband monopole antennas for multi- band wireless systems 3. SH Yeh and KL Wong, Integrated-F shaped monopole antenna for 2.4/5.2

A rhombic patch monopole antenna with modified Minkowski fractal geometry for UMTS, WLAN, and mobile WiMAX application
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plane is improved to be more omnidirectional than that with the rectangular ground plane Wang, FJ and J.-S. Zhang, Wideband printed dipole antenna for multiple wireless services, Journal of J. Pamis, and A. Hijazo, Small but long Koch fractal monopole , Electronics Letters

Planar ultrawideband antennas with multiple notched bands based on etched slots on the patch and/or split ring resonators on the feed line
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Ultrawide-band printed monopole antenna with band plementary split-rings resonators and their applications to very wide – band and compact

Planar elliptical antenna for ultra- wideband communications
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The elliptic patch antenna of two axes 2ra, 2rb is printed on an FR-4 substrate of The size of the ground plane is chosen to be rectangular and has dimensions 15 20mm 146 150 5 Wang, W., Zhong, SS, and Chen, SB: A novel wideband coplanar-fed monopole antenna

A planar U type monopole antenna for UWB applications
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As shown in Figure 9, we can see that the rectangular ground made the return loss C.-H., C.-L. Liu, C.-C. Chiu, and T.-M. Hu, Ultra- wide band channel calculation 9. Suh, S.-Y., WL Stutzman, and WA Davis, A new ultra- wideband printed monopole antenna : The planar inverted

Bandwidth enhancement of novel compact single and dual band-notched printed monopole antenna with a pair of L-shaped slots
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the results obtained in where; a single-feed rectangular microstrip patch antenna to achieve of these radiation patterns, the antenna behaves quite similarly to the typical printed monopoles W.-S. Chen, and C.-H. Huang, Dual wideband printed monopole antenna for WLAN

Ultrawideband antennas
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6] US 47 CFR Part 15 Subpart F Section 15.503d Ultra- Wideband Operation Ultra- Wide Band Applications printed hexagonal monopole antenna (PHMA), printed triangular monopole antenna (PTMA), printed circular monopole antenna (PCMA), and printed elliptical monopole

Compact wideband rectangular monopole antenna for wireless applications
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stubs on the sides of the radiating patch , gives wide – band characteristics The geometrical configuration of the proposed wideband printed monopole antenna is shown in Figure 1. The This is basic antenna ie, Printed Rectangular Monopole An- tenna (PRMA) named as Antenna

Rectangular slotted patch antenna for 5-6GHz applications
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element can be used to improve the impedance characteristics for the printed rectangular planar monopole can be good candidate for 5 to 6 GHz applications, and wideband applications, due Wide – Band /Dual-Band three new small wideband printed monopole antennas with notched ground plane using an in the ground plane structure (this structure has an ordinary rectangular ground plane ANTENNA DESIGN The square monopole antenna fed by a microstrip line is shown in Fig

A printed single-layer UWB monopole antenna with extended ground plane stubs
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extended from the CPWs ground plane are introduced to implement an ultra- wide band radiation with a CG Parini, Study of CPW-fed circular disc monopole antenna for ultra wideband applications, IEE [11] DT Nguyen, DH Lee and HC Park, Very Compact Printed Triple Band

Small square monopole antenna with inverted T-shaped notch in the ground plane for UWB application
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In this letter, a novel, compact printed monopole antenna (PMA) has been proposed for UWB applications feed-gap distance, the sizes of T-shaped notch, and the sizes of two rectangular slots in REFERENCES H. Schantz, The Art and Science of Ultra Wideband Antennas

Compact microstrip patch antenna for ultra- wideband applications
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services at 8GHz and 11GHz that may create intrusion with a wideband communication structures paper a simple design is proposed, this design is based on a microstrip rectangular patch Printed rectangular patch with partial ground technique is presented in this paper

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