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Spatio-temporal coding for wireless communication
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Multipath signal propagation has long been viewed as an impairment to reliable communication in wireless channels. This paper shows that the presence of multipath greatly improves achievable data rate if the appropriate communication structure is

Cellular architecture and key technologies for 5G wireless communication networks
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The fourth generation wireless communication systems have been deployed or are soon to be deployed in many countries. However, with an explosion of wireless mobile devices and services, there are still some challenges that cannot be accommodated even by 4G, such as

An overview of limited feedback in wireless communication systems
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It is now well known that employing channel adap-tive signaling in wireless communication systems can yield large improvements in almost any performance metric. Unfortunately, many kinds of channel adaptive techniques have been deemed impractical in the past

Wireless communication technologies for ITS applications
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Intelligent transport systems are the rising technology in the near future to build cooperative vehicular networks in which a variety of different ITS applications are expected to communicate with a variety of different units. Therefore, the demand for highly customized

Empowering full-duplex wireless communication by exploiting directional diversity
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The use of directional antennas in wireless networks has been widely studied with two main motivations: 1) decreasing interference between devices and 2) improving power efficiency. We identify a third motivation for utilizing directional antennas: pushing the range limitations

Quantum cascade lasers: ultrahigh-speed operation, optical wireless communication , narrow linewidth, and far-infrared emission
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Following an introduction to the history of the inven-tion of the quantum cascade (QC) laser and of the band-structure engineering advances that have led to laser action over most of the mid-infrared (IR) and part of the far-IR spectrum, the paper provides a comprehensive

5G wireless communication systems: Prospects and challenges
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The first article, Towards Green and Soft: A 5G Perspective written by authors from China Mobile, presents an operators perspective on 5G technology. They identify two major themes in their article relating to greener wireless networks and the wide adoption of

Li-Fi (Light Fidelity)-The future technology In Wireless communication
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Whether youre using wireless internet in a coffee shop, stealing it from the guy next door, or competing for bandwidth at a conference, you have probably gotten frustrated at the slow speeds you face when more than one device is tapped into the network. As more and more A novel high-speed optical wireless communication system for indoor personal area networking applications is proposed and studied. A proof-of-concept experiment at 12.5 Gbps wireless transmission has been successfully demonstrated with limited mobility. When We address the issue of power-controlled shared channel access in future wireless networks supporting packetized data traffic, beyond the voice-oriented continuous traffic primarily supported by current-generation networks. First, some novel formulations of the The design procedure, realization and measure-ments of an implantable radiator for telemetry applications are presented. First, free space analysis allows the choice of the antenna typology with reduced computation time. Subsequently the antenna, inserted in a

Terahertz wireless communication link at 300 GHz
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We present a terahertz wave wireless link operating at 300 GHz which has a potential for use in ultra fast future wireless services in short range. Terahertz wave was generated and modulated with photonic technologies in the transmitter, allowing us to use radio on fiber White LED offers advantageous properties such as high brightness, reliability, lower power consumption and long lifetime. White LEDs are expected to serve in the next generation of lamps. An indoor visible-light wireless communication system using white LED lightings has

Underground wireless communication using magnetic induction
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Underground is a challenging environment for wire-less communication since the propagation medium is no longer air but soil, rock and water. The well established wireless communication techniques using electromagnetic (EM) waves do not work well in this

Radio-over-fibre technology for broadband wireless communication systems
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Wireless coverage of the end-user domain, be it outdoors or indoors (in-building), is poised to become an essential part of broadband communication networks. In order to offer integrated broadband services (combining voice, data, video, multimedia services, and new

HIPERLAN type 2 for broadband wireless communication
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The key drivers of demand for radio-based broadband access networks are massive growth in wireless and mobile communications, the emergence of multimedia applications, demands for high-speed Internet access, and the deregulation of the telecommunications

Graphene-enabled wireless communication for massive multicore architectures
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Current trends in microprocessor architecture design are leading towards a dramatic increase of core-level parallelization, wherein a given number of independent processors or cores are interconnected. Since the main bottleneck is foreseen to migrate from computation

Optical hotspots speed up wireless communication
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little penetration into the large communications market due to concerns over system reliability, especially during operation in poor weather. For outdoor applications

An overview of diversity techniques in wireless communication systems
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Fading problem is a major impairment of the wireless communication channel. In this paper we considers different techniques to mitigate the fading problem in wireless channel. The trivial solution for the fading problem would be to add a fading margin at the transmitter We investigate an algorithm for autonomous power management by mobile users of wireless communication networks. It is based on an analysis of transmission in a stationary interference environment, under which optimal solutions are obtained given certain

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