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Jamming attacks can severely interfere with the normal operation of wireless networks and, consequently, mechanisms are needed that can cope with jamming attacks. No single measurement is sufficient for reliably classifying the presence of a jammer is an important

Establishing a Soldier Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Communication for Military Operation Monitoring
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The mobile and wireless network platform should be able to sustain the remoteness and seclusion of military operation areas The mobile and wireless network platform should be able to sustain the remoteness and seclusion of military operation areas

Comparative analysis of the performance of various active queue management techniques to varying wireless network conditions
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This paper demonstrates the robustness of active queue management techniques to varying load, link capacity and propagation delay in a wireless environment. The performances of four standard controllers used in Transmission Control Protocol/Active Queue Management

Dynamic Wireless Network Reconfiguration for Control System Applied to a Nuclear Reactor Case Study
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Page 1. Mosse Pitt-CS RTNS 2018 Dynamic Wireless Network Reconfiguration for Control System Applied to a Nuclear Reactor Case Study Computer Science and Mechanical (Nuclear) Engineering University of Pittsburgh Page To solve the policy optimizing problem in many scenarios of smart wireless network management using a single universal algorithm, this letter proposes a universal learning framework which is called AI Framework based on Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL)

OrthoNoC: A Broadcast-Oriented Dual-Plane Wireless Network -on-Chip Architecture
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On-chip communication remains as a key research issue at the gates of the manycore era. In response to this, novel interconnect technologies have opened the door to new Network-on- Chip (NoC) solutions towards greater scalability and architectural flexibility. Particularly

Improved Cluster Head Determination in Heterogeneous Wireless Network
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International Journal of Applied Engineering Research ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 13, Number 7 (2018) pp. 5418-5422 Research India Publications.Improved Cluster Head Determination in Heterogeneous Wireless Network Alok Misra1, Prof. DS Yadav2

Concept of Geometric Programming for Designing an Optimal Routing Method in Wireless Network
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In current scenarios, the applications of wireless network increases rapidly due to dynamic feature. Each node of this network associated with an infrastructure that helps to connect one node to another node with wirelessly within a specific range. But nodes of this network

Crucial Video Scattering with QoS above Wireless Network by Selective Repeat Algorithm
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Now a days the broad casting of video placesa major role in wireless network . If we want to broadcast a video, it takes a time to transmit from source to destination, due to large size of video. In wireless network the packet must be lightweight, due to that it takes a large amount

Optimal fault-tolerant placement of relay nodes in a mission critical wireless network
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The operations of many critical infrastructures (eg, airports) heavily depend on proper functioning of the radio communication network supporting operations. As a result, such a communication network is indeed a mission-critical communication network that needs

Radio Wave Detection Using Cost 231-Hata Model for Wireless Network Planning; A Case Study of Senate Building Environs of Unilag, Nigeria
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Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum longer than infrared light. Accurate characterization of radio channel through key parameters and a mathematical model is important for predicting signal

Energy Efficient Cluster Based Routing Protocol for Dynamic and Static Nodes in Wireless Sensor Network
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Abstract Power consumption is considered one of the most significant challenges in the wireless network sensors (WSNs) This shared wireless network configured by WSN, the individual nodes have a limited communication range medium [13]

Research of Wireless Network Performance for Digital Manufacturing
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In the IEEE 802.11 WLAN, as the number of nodes increases, the collision will increase accordingly, the channel utilization will decrease, and the total throughput will not increase and decrease, resulting in system performance degradation. This paper designs a simple To assess the performance of train to ground networks based on LTE, Huawei has deployed a commercial wireless network in Zhengzhou Metro (Line-2) based on 10 MHz+ 5 MHz dual carrier configuration . In this commercial trial we have tested and measured radio The shared nature and open access to the wireless medium make the wireless network vulnerable to different kinds of security threats. Jamming attack may pose a significant threat to the wireless network by occupying the communication channel used by legal nodes. To

Design of AGV 3D Real-Time Simulation Control System Based on Wireless Network
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For most of the AGV superior control system is planar two-dimensional, poor visibility and lack of equipment operating efficiency statistics, A three-dimensional AGV simulation control system based on wireless communication and Flexsim logistics simulation software is

Performance Improvement of Wireless Network Using Modern Simulation Tools
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In this paper, we deal with congestion control and avoidance in wireless ad-hoc network. For simulation, we used ns-3, a discrete event and open source simulator considering Optimized Link State Routing (OLSR), Adhoc Ondemand Distance Vector (AODV). We present the

A Novel Approach on Multi-Hop Wireless Network Aware Routing in Spatial Reusability
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We fight that by approach of effectively considering spatial reusability of the Wi-Fi association media, we can hugely enhance the conclusion to-surrender throughput in multi- bounce wireless systems. To help our contention, we advocate spatial reusability-aware Conducting high-quality nursing practice for patients in infusion room at medical facilities is an essential medical issues nowadays. To this purpose, this paper proposes a framework for smart infusion auxiliary service system with ZigBee wireless network . The framework is

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ABSTRACT Wireless Network -on-Chip (WiNoC) introduces long-range and high bandwidth radio frequency (RF) interconnects that can possibly reduce the multi-hop communication of the planar metal interconnects in conventional NoC platforms. In WiNoC, RF transceivers

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