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Information exchange in wireless networks with network coding and physical-layer broadcast
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pachou@microsoft.com Abstract We show that mutual exchange of independent information between two nodes in a wireless network can be effi- ciently performed by exploiting network coding and the physical- layer broadcast property offered by the wireless medium

Network coding for wireless applications: A brief tutorial
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Each hyperarc is marked with ziJ at the start and with the pair (x (1) iJj x (2) iJj) at the ends. Fig. 1. A wireless network with multicast from s to T = {t1, t2} (4) As an example, consider the wireless network depicted in Figure 1(a). Suppose the network is lossless

The mistaken axioms of wireless – network research
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Most research on ad-hoc wireless networks makes simplifying assumptions about radio propagation. The Flat Earth model of the world is surprisingly popular: all radios have circular range, have perfect coverage in that range, and travel on a two-dimensional plane

Effects of detail in wireless network simulation
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Experience with wired networks has provides guidance about what level of detail is appropriate for simulationbased protocol studies. Wireless simulations raise many new questions about approriate levels of detail in simulation models for radio propagation and

Wireless network security
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Wireless communications offer organizations and users many benefits such as portability and flexibility, increased productivity, and lower installation costs. Wireless technologies cover a broad range of differing capabilities oriented toward different uses and needs

A survey on mobile ad hoc wireless network
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This paper presents a coherent survey on ad hoc wireless networks, with the intent of serving as a quick reference to the current research issues in ad hoc networking. It starts with a background on the origin and development stages of ad hoc network, then summaries

How Many Packets Can We Encode-An Analysis of Practical Wireless Network Coding.
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While the practical coding scheme has been shown to be able to improve throughput of wireless networks, there still lacks fundamental understanding on how the coding scheme works under realistic settings, namely, when it operates on a realistic physical layer and the Spread spectrum techniques and collision avoidance multiple access protocols are combined to form a new set of medium access protocols for mobile wireless ad hoc networks. The request-to-send and clear-to-send message dialogue solves the hidden

Evaluating the communication performance of an ad hoc wireless network
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Adaptive and self-organizing wireless networks are gaining in popularity. Several media access and routing protocols were proposed for such networks and the performance of such protocols were evaluated based on simulations. In this paper, we evaluate the practicality of

Application of ELECTRE to network selection in a hetereogeneous wireless network environment
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Inter-working of existing packet switched wireless access technologies can help make services ubiquitously available. However this means that the services will have to be delivered over a heterogeneous mix of access technologies. There are several technical

Improving wireless network performance using sensor hints
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With the proliferation of mobile wireless devices such as smartphones and tablets that are used in a wide range of locations and movement conditions, it has become important for wireless protocols to adapt to different settings over short periods of time. Network protocols

SplitAP: leveraging wireless network virtualization for flexible sharing of WLANs
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Providing air-time guarantees across a group of clients forms a fundamental building block in sharing an access point (AP) across different virtual network providers. Though this problem has a relatively simple solution for downlink group scheduling through traffic

Joint scheduling and wireless network coding
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In this paper, we establish a new framework for net-work coding in ad hoc wireless networks. First, we consider a simple wireless network topology to illustrate how network coding can improve throughput and energy efficiency objectives beyond routing solutions. Then, we

Swans-scalable wireless ad hoc network simulator
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SWANS is a Scalable Wireless Ad hoc Network Simulator built atop the JiST platform, a general-purpose discrete event simulation engine. SWANS was created primarily because existing wireless network simulation tools are not sufficient for current research needs

Wireless network multicasting
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Zigbee based home automation wireless sensor network
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This paper presents the first results and experiences associated with ZigBee based wireless sensor networking. The accent was put on suitable chipset platform selection for Home Automation wireless network purposes. Four

Security issues in a CDPD wireless network
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(CDPD) is a wireless digital packet service which utilizes excess bandwidth from the analog cellular system, Advanced Mobile Phone System (AMPS). Like any other wireless net work, CDPD may be attacked by adversaries who desire free and perhaps anonymous

Indoor location tracking in non-line-of-sight environments using a IEEE 802.15. 4a wireless network .
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Indoor location tracking of mobile robots or transport vehicles using wireless technology is attractive for many applications. IEEE 802.15. 4a wireless networks offer an inexpensive facility for localizing mobile devices by timebased range measurements. The main problems

Architecture of an ultra wideband wireless body area network for medical applications
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prolonged illness. This paper presents the architecture of a healthcare wireless network that exploits the capabilities of ultra wideband technology (UWB) for medical sensing and in-body tracking and imaging. The communication

A wireless sensor network for weather and disaster alarm systems
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communications. The advantages of using a wireless network are: using less energy, no need for hardwiring, and high transmission distance stations. Many sensor stations measure and send parameters through a wireless network server

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