Foundations of Wireless Networking
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Today, wireless networking technologies deeply affect many social sectors and peoples daily life. For example, mobile personal communication networks such as 4G and beyond as well as WiFi networks are the enabling technologies for mobile Internet used by almost

Computer Wireless Networking and Communication
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Wireless communications and networking technologies have drastically changed the way we live. An explosion of innovation over the past two decades has resulted in wireless networking capabilities that have fundamentally changed the way we create, share, and use

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The paper began by offering an overview of networking and then proceeded to define wireless networking and discuss the various technologies that are used 4. Kumar, A Manjunath, K 2008, Wireless Networking , Morgan Kaufmann, Boston

A study of development of wireless networking by light control system
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The lack of wireless spectrum in the radio frequency bands has led to a rapid growth in research in wireless networking using light, known as Li-Fi (light fidelity). In this paper an overview of the subsystems, challenges and techniques required to achieve this is

Experimental Deployment of Software Defined and Function Virtualization Networking as 5G Key Technologies in Novel Wireless Network Environments
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Experimental Deployment of Software Defined and Function Virtualization Networking as 5G Key Technologies in Novel Wireless Network Environments Chapter

wireless networking

Towards characterizing and classifying communication-based automotive applications from a wireless networking perspective
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Abstract Together, the Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) and Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET) technologies provide a unique opportunity to develop various types of communication-based automotive applications. To date, many applications have been

Proximal Interactions: A Direct Manipulation Technique for Wireless Networking .
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As a number of networked digital devices are ubiquitously used, control of inter-device communications becomes a complicated task. People can no longer keep track of all the devices addresses and name. Some devices (such as wireless headsets) have very limited

Wireless Networking in the Developing World: A practical guide to planning and building low-cost telecommunications infrastructure
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Venice, Italy is a fantastic city to get lost in. The roads are mere foot paths that cross water in hundreds of places, and never go in a simple straight line. Postal carriers in Venice are some of the most highly trained in the world, specializing in delivery to only one or two of the

Anytime Anywhere: Reframing debates around municipal wireless networking
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Over the past three years, cities across the United States have announced ambitious plans to build community and municipal wireless networks. The phrase anytime, anywherehas had a powerful impact in shaping the way in which debates about these networks have been

SUAAVE: Combining aerial robots and wireless networking
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The SUAAVE project is funded by EPSRC under the WINES wireless networking initiative to consider issues of multiple aerial vehicles communicating and collaborating in performing tasks, and involves teams from University College London, University of Ulster, and the

Software radios for wireless networking
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This paper describes a novel architecture for building software wireless network interfaces. These interfaces, implemented in user-level software, run on o-the-shelf PCs and replace all of the link and many of the physical layer functions typically implemented in dedicated

Wireless networking based control
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Wireless networking is gaining significant momentum in several areas of application due to advantages encompassing mobility, reconfigurability, easy commissioning, and spatio- temporal sensing. While initial focus of wireless networking has been on communication and

Gigabit wireless networking with IEEE 802.11 ac: technical overview and challenges
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The ever-growing proliferation of wireless devices and concurrent deployments of bandwidth intensive applications has been having a significant impact on user experience in high-density wireless areas. IEEE 802.11 ac is a recently ratified Wireless Local Area

An integrated security framework for open wireless networking architecture
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An integrated security mechanism is one of the key challenges in the open wireless network architecture because of the diversity of the wireless networks in OWA and the unique security mechanism used in each one of these networks. Because the overall security of the

Overview of networking protocols for underwater wireless communications
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He received his Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in June 2007 after working at the Broadband Wireless Networking Laboratory (BWN-Lab) under the direction of Dr. Akyildiz

Long-distance wireless networking for site office data communications
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Effective data communications between the project site and decision making office can be critical for the success of a construction project. It allows convenient access to centrally stored information and allows centrally located decision makers to remotely monitor the site

Wireless Networking in Africa
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Global connectivity in Africa is in an early stage due to installation costs, insufficient basic infrastructures, low quality of available telecommunication services and limited financial support. The application of wireless technology is an effective choice to overcome some of

Low power operating system and wireless networking for a real time sensor network
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Wireless networking of sensor devices is becoming more pervasive as technology, particularly miniaturization makes more sensing applications possible. Power efficient operating systems and network protocols are key components for wireless sensing

A survey of recent results on real-time wireless networking
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Over the past two years there has emerged a new approach to solve the problem of delivering required throughputs of packets that meet hard deadlines over heterogeneous unreliable channels. These recent results provide a contract for flows with throughput as well

Wireless networking with a PDA: the Ward-In-Hand project
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The paper briefly describes Ward-In-Hand, a project aiming to support the day-by-day activities of doctors and nurses within an hospital ward by providing a tool for workgroup collaboration and wireless access to the patients clinical records. The project, which is at

Caution! wireless networking : preventing a data disaster
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wireless networking preventing a data disaster by jack mccullough at barnes and noble free shipping on 25 or more get this from a library caution wireless networking preventing a data disaster jack mccullough Caution! Wireless Networking : Preventing a Data Disaster: 0 of 0

High performance wireless networking and weather
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High performance wireless networking is effected by a number of internal and external variables. External weather phenomena, such as rain, fog, wind, and temperature can effect the performance of network equipment, as well as node to node communication efficiency

Distributed decision engine-An information management architecture for autonomie wireless networking .
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With wireless networks becoming ever more ubiquitous and the capabilities of the devices connected to them rivalling those of desktop computers, there is an acute need for the communications in these networks to be managed as efficiently and autonomously as

Wireless networking
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This checklist describes typical issues encountered when setting up peer-to-peer file sharing on a Microsoft Windows network. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot and resolve these Windows file sharing problems. Many items in the checklist are especially crucial on networks that run

Adaptive wireless networking
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This paper presents the Adaptive Wireless Networking (AWGN) project. The project aims to develop meth-ods and technologies that can be used to design efficient adaptable and reconfigurable mobile terminals for future wireless communication systems. An overview of

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