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Performance analysis of XBee ZB module based wireless sensor networks
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In this paper, performance analysis of ZigBee networks based on XBee ZB modules have been evaluated in terms of following performance metrics: received signal strength (RSSI), network throughput, packet delay, mesh routing recovery time and energy consumption in

Design, integration and characterization of a novel paper based wireless sensor module
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In this paper, the first ever wireless System On Paper is introduced. A paper based wireless sensor module verifies the feasibility of this technology. Inkjet printing of conductive nanoparticle silver ink, as well as the efficient integration of sensor active and passive

Low power circuit architecture of AES crypto module for wireless sensor network
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Recently, much research has been conducted for security for wireless sensor networks and ubiquitous computing. Security issues such as authentication and data integrity are major requirements to construct sensor network systems. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is

Modular Multi-radio Wireless Sensor Platform for IoT Trials with PlugPlay Module Connection.
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In the paper we present and demonstrate the modular prototyping platform designed for trialing the Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The new devices are constructed by stacking together the various hardware modules encapsulating power sources, processing units

Towards a Smart Wireless Integrated Module (SWIM) on flexible organic substrates using inkjet printing technology for wireless sensor networks
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Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have potential military, industrial, biomedical, environmental, and residential applications. However, implementing sensor networks and realizing their potential faces various challenges. Sensors nodes should be small in size

The Real Time Wireless Sensor Network for Heart Beat Monitoring using Zigbee Module
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In this system using the features and technology of wireless sensor networks such as distributed and self-organization to build Heartbeat monitoring system, which can monitor the Heartbeat of human in real time. This system applies RF communication protocol and

Polymer-based VOC sensor module for wireless sensor network system
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We have developed and evaluated a Polymer-based VOC (volatile organic compounds) sensor module to realize a low-cost wireless sensor network system for environmental monitoring. The polymer-based VOC sensor module consists of a polymerbased VOC

Patient Monitoring By Using Wearable Wireless Sensor Networks with Zigbee Module
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Patient monitoring systems are gaining their importance as the fast-growing global elderly population increases demands for caretaking. These systems use wireless technologies to transmit vital signs for medical evaluation. In a multi hop ZigBee network, the existing

Wireless sensing system for flexible arrayed potentiometric sensor based on XBee module
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In this study, the wireless sensor network (WSN) with ZigBee standard is integrated with the flexible arrayed potentiometric sensor such as flexible arrayed pH sensor and flexible arrayed glucose biosensor that achieve a wireless sensing system. The wireless sensing

Wi-Fi module and wireless sensor net-work based automated irrigation system
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Irrigation is the controlled application of water for agricultural purposes through manmade systems to supply water requirements not satisfied by rainfall. This paper reviews different monitoring systems and proposes an automatic monitoring system model using Wireless

Development of a Portable Integrated Wireless Sensor Module for Structural Damage Monitoring
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This paper presents the development of a portable integrated wireless sensor module with video camera and ultrasound capabilities to monitor and investigate corrosion damage in structures. There are many studies in the literature on structural health monitoring with

Illumimote: A High Performance Light Sensor Module for Wireless Sensor Networks
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We describe application requirements, design, integration and performance evaluation of the Illumimote, a light sensing module for wireless sensor networks. Achieving performance comparable to commercial light meters while conforming to the beneficial size and energy

Wireless Power Charger with Dynamic Pivoting Antenna Module for Various Wireless Sensor
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In this research, a wireless power charger with dynamic pivoting antenna module based on electromagnetic coupling of coil is proposed for the various wireless sensor system. The wireless charger consists of two partitions: a cuttable soft-substrate power charger circuit

A Review Paper On Wireless Sensor Network And Gprs Module For Automated Irrigation
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In India 60-70% economy depends on the farming. Irrigation system in India has given a high priority in money making. Many new technology are being urbanized to permit agricultural automation to increase and carry its complete potential. To get whole benefit of

Smart Energy Module for Wireless Sensor Nodes
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This paper presents the design of a universal energy module for wireless sensor nodes, which supports a wide range of energy harvesters and energy storages. The focus is on the efficient conversion and storage of energy and to provide hardware support for higher level

Optimization of Water Use for Agriculture Using a Wireless Sensor Network and GPRS Module
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An automated irrigation system was developed to optimize water use for agricultural crops. The system has a distributed wireless network of soil-moisture and temperature sensors placed in the root zone of the plants. In addition, a gateway unit handles sensor information

Automated Irrigation System using a Wireless Sensor Network and GPRS Module
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The motivation for this project came from the countries where economy is depends on agriculture and the climatic conditions lead to lack of rains. The farmers working in the farm lands are dependent on the rains and bore wells. Even if the farm land has a water-pump

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ABSTRACT The automatic Irrigation System (AIS) is the recent requirement in every part of agriculture in India. It is used to assist in the growing of agricultural crops, maintenance of landscapes and revegetation of disturbed soils in dry areas and during periods of The purpose of wireless sensor networks ( Wireless Sensor Network WSN) is to percept, collect and process information of perceived objects collaboratively in the geographic area covered by the sensor network, and sends the information to the observer. This sensor

Design of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) in Energy Conversion Module Based On Multiplier Circuits
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This paper presents the design of wireless sensor network (WSN) in energy conversion module based on multiplier circuit. This energy conversion module can function as an AC to DC converter that not only rectifies the input AC signal but also elevates the DC voltage

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